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Budget Planning for 2020-21

Counting Kids

1. What revised student count-day procedures will be in place if a district has minimal in-person contact with students due to positive Covid-19 tests, and there is a partial or full shutdown that occurs on count day or during the count window?

Answer - This item will be discussed at the KSDE budget workshops.


2. How does a district track daily and hourly attendance with a blended learning model where students are home part of the time, attending virtually, and physically attending part of the time? 

Answer - This item will be discussed at the KSDE Budget workshops.

Critical End-of-Year Items to Consider

Food Service

General Budget close-Out Issues

General Fund, Special Education, and/or Other Aid Payments

Property Tax Levies and Payments


1. Can a district choose not to provide transportation?

Answer - KSA 72-6487 states a district shall provide transportation when the residence of the student is outside the city limits of the school and more that 2.5 miles from the school. The district cannot choose to not provide transportation. 

2. With social distancing, the number of students transported may drop significantly.  Are districts required to reimburse parents whose students live 2.5 miles or farther from their attendance school but will not ride a bus due to health concerns? If districts choose to reimburse parents for student transportation costs, what rate should be used?

Answer - KSA 72-6489 allows districts to contract for transportation of students. Typically, this means with the parent. The statute further states that such contract shall provide payment for mileage at t rate not to exceed the rate specified in KSA 75-3203 (the state mileage rate). Beyond that, the rate would be mutually agreed upon by the board and the parent.

3. As group, drivers are our district’s oldest employees, and would likely be at risk by coming to work without additional protective measures.  Will districts be allowed to modify a bus to provide driver protection measures such as clear separation partitions and/or hand sanitizer dispensers?

Answer - Mounting objects in the bus, such as shields or hand sanitizers, would be considered a modification of the bus and is not allowed by federal and Kansas regulations. (You can use hand sanitizer on the bus, but you can't mount the dispenser.)

4. If there are not enough drivers, and/or not enough buses available, due to social distancing, what revised procedures are in place to address the transportation concerns of parents who live 2.5 miles or more from school?

Answer - This item will be discussed at the KSDE budget workshops.


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